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    Javascript mega menu

    Hi all, im making a magento site, and i wanted it to have a megamenu.

    i wanted to use nonadjacent divs so i had to use javascript rather than just css, and i wanted the menu to slide down, and up, but to not slide up and down *if* it is already down.

    so this is what i came up with. its my first javascript, so i wanted some feedback?

    i guess it could be cut down by writing some functions like windowhide, windowshow, and so on, and eliminate much of the repetitve code, but so long as its functional, i dont mind a few extra lines for now.

    if its rubbish, i might just take out the animations and go back to a simple show on mouseover, hide on mouseout affair. but i thought having it slide would add a slightly more polished look for my site, persuade customers to buy more, retire in 2 years, and then live on a yacht in monaco.

    so, what i am asking is, is it ok to use? or shall i bin it? here is the fiddle : http://jsfiddle.net/mikenothing/p5ZXy/32/

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    Honestly, scrap the JS for nothing and build it with CSS. There is NO reason to use JS on a menu unless you REALLY need that IE6 support, and then just throw a .htc at it like PeterNed's Anywhere:hover

    Especially if it means getting fat bloated battery chewing garbage like jQuery involved in pissing all over the page. Sorry, not a fan.

    Of course, the classes on the DIV makes me think you are using some sort of HTML/CSS framework as well, further crapping on the page with unnecessary code that defeats the entire reason HTML and CSS even exists, so scrap that too. Moment I see classes like "nine columns omega" I know something is awry. Same goes for when the dropdowns are not contained in the LI of their parent, having NO semantic or structural relationship.

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