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Thread: need some help on facebook preloader

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    need some help on facebook preloader

    hello all i am new on that forum
    at first thank all (admins,moders) for that amazing forum.
    i need some help on html

    on my website http://cube-field.org/ there is game named cubefield
    i want facebook like and share preloader before game will load
    how can i make it ?
    i want it for 5 second
    so can you help me to make preloader ?

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    Hey tsilo,

    First of all it has nothing to do with javascript.. simply import the .swf into a Flash project create your preloader then insert the game on a single frame as a movie clip...

    Second, the fact you don't know this, makes it clear you didn't create the game.. I understand the author maybe sharing it for free.. but I don't know how he'd feel about you using it to promote your own site/product.. a move like that, you should really get the authors ok dude!...

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    thanks for answer and instuction
    i will contact author i just need like share buttons before game
    thanks again i will try it

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