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Thread: Save a local copy of email when sending from web form

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    Talking Save a local copy of email when sending from web form

    For the first time in YEARS I am thinking about PHP -

    My challenge is that I need to save a copy of emails sent from the mail-it.php form on my website to a local database. I am getting clients saying they have sent emails via the site and I've not received them so I want to be able to retrieve the email from the DB.

    I have tried to Google this every way I can and am getting nowhere. Though in a couple of very short forum posts that I did find there seemed to be an idea that it was not practicable.

    Any and all help will be gratefully received -

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    Sounds pretty straight-forward: create a DB table with columns for what you want to save (email address, name, subject, text, timestamp); and in the code where you have gotten all that info ready to send in an email, also use it in a database insert.
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    Remember when choosing a DB interface for MySQL to use mysqli_ or PDO, not mysql_ which is outdated and will be removed from PHP.

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