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    Lightbulb Web Tasarım Dersleri

    Hi everyone,. I'm also fairly new to the front-end web development industry. I would love to get some reviews on my website. Thanks!


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    DONT follow the link.. its a quality site just looking for free hits!

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    Oh come on, we can at least review it for laughs even if it does make BitDefender throw a wobbly.

    The site in question has a they typical inaccessible fixed width layout mated to inaccessibly uselessly absurdly undersized fixed metric fonts -- two of the major /FAIL/ at web design.

    Under the hood it has little if anything resembling proper use of markup elements, with the logo and social media links effectively being a run-on sentence, endless pointless DIV and classes for nothing, incomplete forms, questionable use of numbered headings, and a bunch of scripting for Christmas only knows what.

    Needs some help, and in many ways is just another example of how not to build a website.

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