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Thread: What is the role of CSS?

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    What is the role of CSS?

    What is the role of CSS in web development?

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    To say what things look like for specific media targets.

    HTML is for saying what things ARE -- if in your markup (HTML) you are choosing tags based on their default appearance, you have completely missed the point of what HTML is or how to use it. Saying what things are in the markup leaves it to the user-agent (browser) to best convey that information to the capabilities of the device it's shown on -- be it screen, print, aural, braille, teletype... Once you have said what things ARE in the markup, you can then use CSS to target screen or print to customize the final appearance -- and now that we have media queries you can further customize that appearance based on things like screen width.

    "Presentational markup" -- saying what things look like in the HTML, is a relic of the browser wars that NEVER should have existed in the first place; no matter how many developers today refuse to extract their cranium from 1997's rectum and continue to vomit up code that way; or come up with new ways of doing that sleazy lazy nonsense like layout frameworks or "OOCSS"; for which developers are dumber for them even existing.

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    CSS are more important way to control how your Web pages look. CSS can control the fonts, text, colors, backgrounds, margins, and layout.

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    Main role of CSS is that the code are not repeat again and again on html page only calling the CSS page

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