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Thread: Javascript Var to php $ assignment?

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    Javascript Var to php $ assignment?

    How to insert a value of javascript to PHP variables.
    I mean

    Four scores = 100;

    $score = 100;

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    The question does not make any sense to me, as (normally) PHP runs on the web server, which sends its output to the browser, which is where any JavaScript is then executed. PHP is often used to dynamically populate JavaScript that will be sent to the browser, but your question seems to imply doing the reverse?
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    Thanks for fast reply.
    I mean I have some calculation done by javascript on the browser side. i
    I see many websites that process a Mysql Fetch, Update and Add fields from Java, i think throw PHP.
    Sorry for stupid questions can I made.
    How it's possible?

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    If there really is a need to send a JS variable to PHP, trying using AJAX with jQuery. However, that's a whole new can of worms and will take a ton of reading on your part.

    There's also the serious question of: do you really need to do this?

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    OK, I have another question.
    Is Javascript or Jquery can Change database fields and information?

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