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Thread: Getting from $result to $user1 in a php SQL statement

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    Getting from $result to $user1 in a php SQL statement

    How do you get $user1 from $result even if null?

    Text1 and Text2 are from the submit button from login.php and they do exist.

    I have a MySQL database: db12345, table: login, and columns: idl, secid and username.

    They exist.

    PHP Code:
                $id filter_input(INPUT_POST"Text1");

    $conn mysql_connect('server.com''dbo12345''pass1');
    $sql "SELECT `username` FROM `login` WHERE idl=".$id." And secid=".$sec.";";
    $result mysql_query($sql$conn);
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    $result will be a query result resource if successful, otherwise FALSE. You'll have to use one of the mysql_fetch_*() function to read a result row from that resource. Of course, you really shouldn't be using the deprecated mysql_*() functions at all, instead either using the MySQLi or PDO database extensions.
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