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Thread: [RESOLVED] WordPress; move from root to a WP folder

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    resolved [RESOLVED] WordPress; move from root to a WP folder

    Oh, CMS, Content Management, lol duh

    Okay, it's been a while since I've been in here and made a fool outta' myself.
    I've had some experience with WP since then. Last time I was here, it seems there was a WordPress section.

    I was just dumped a website project that I will be administrating.
    The WordPress is in the root directory and I want to move it to it's own folder.
    I've actually tried to copy and paste, obviously that does not work.

    Now I have used the export feature within WP and imported to a freshly installed WP to a different website and it functions properly.
    My concern with using this method is that WP is already installed in the root directory, I do not know if a fresh install into a WP folder will interfere with the current WP database.

    All I really want to do is move WP out of the root directory. Is there an easy solution?
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    I disabled multisite hehe

    That's the advantage of having a small amount of
    PHP knowledge. All I did was go into the wp-config.php
    file and at the top, the very first statement was:

    define('MULTISITE', true);
    I snuck in and changed it to false, now everything
    works fine. I now have the ability to move WordPress
    to it's own folder, I'll try to get that done this evening.

    After the move I'll put it back the way it was, but honestly,
    I do not see a need for having a multisite.


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