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Thread: Sending response email using email address variable entered by user

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    Sending response email using email address variable entered by user

    Not sure if this is possible but here's what I need:

    I have a form that requests the user's email address:

    <form NAME="User" METHOD=POST ACTION="/cgi-bin/anyform94.cgi" TARGET="_parent" onSubmit="return TestCompleted()">
    <td align="left" valign="top">Email:</td><td align="left" valign="top"> <input TYPE="text" NAME="email" SIZE="15" maxlength="50" class="form"></td>
    <p align="center"><input TYPE="submit" VALUE="Click here to create certificate and record test results" class="button">

    functions page includes:

    var email='yours@email.com';

    I need to send an email (using their email address submitted with the form) onSubmit/onClick that tells the user that the form data was received. I cannot change the cgi because it is used by many pages on the network. Possible?

    I'm a scripting novice...any help is appreciated! Thanks.

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    Are you able to set up a second, server-side script? (CGI or otherwise.)

    What exactly does the current CGI script do?

    The browser itself cannot send email, though you can get it to open a local email client (which may not be properly configured, if it exists at all)

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