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Thread: Just a small question to understand the work behind.

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    Just a small question to understand the work behind.

    I want to understand.
    Javascript is a client side programming language so it's not, send nothing to server as I understand.
    For example, I am uploading files from javascript, then I can immediately download them from the server without refreshing the page, How it's saving the files there if it's used only client side?

    And how the comments on some websites are published without page refreshing (I come from the PHP scripting world) So I just confused.

    Just understanding the question.
    Thank for help anyway?

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    You can send information to the server, and receive responses using asynchronous calls with the javascript xmlhttp API, without refreshing the server. This technique is usually called AJAX (https://developer.mozilla.org/en/docs/AJAX)

    In a lot the applications of AJAX the javascript front-end will execute regular AJAX calls to the server to check for updates, and if there are any on the server the response will include data which will enable the javascript to update the HTML with any new comments.

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    Thank you very much.
    Now I understand what stand behind and can learn about.
    Thank you!

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