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Thread: My bosses website is running on JavaScript1.2...

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    My bosses website is running on JavaScript1.2...

    What is the current Java version and is it just as simple how easy is it to change it?

    If you want to view the site let me know.

    Thank you in advance.


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    1) Java is NOT JavaScript, they happen to share the first four letters in their name, and that's ALL they have in common. See my signature for more.

    2) the 'version' shouldn't matter in JavaScript, since the current 'version' is whatever the browser is running, NOT what's declared in the markup.

    3) you are probably referring to what it says inside the "language" attribute thus:

    <script language="javascript1.2">

    Which is an outdated attributes browser have ignored since 2003, and has no business in any markup written after 1997. A proper modern script opening should read:

    <script type="text/javascript">

    Though the HTML 5 jack-tards will tell you to just use <script> now, since they like the idea of vendor lock-in and making it hard/impossible to adopt new formats and languages.

    ... and yeah, we'd probably have to see the site to weigh in more, but it sounds like it's stuck in the 1990's. (which probably means it's what, three years old given how ignorant halfwits just sleaze out sites any-old-way these days?)

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