I need to create a simple HTML file that can be opened with chrome so that it can be used with google chromecast. (if you haven't used chromecast before, it simply casts whatever is being displayed in the web browser onto a tv LIVE). When opened I need the html file to be up dateable on the fly (when i add to the list it shows up on the screen). For example, i'm using this to update a simple list of karaoke singers that will be cast to a TV with Google Chromecast. As new singers come up they will be added to the bottom of the list.

This computer does not have internet access, but it does have a router. (hence how i can use chromecast)

Any ideas????

Using an open field like the one i am able to type in right now on this forum could possibly work. Is there a way to create a simple text field without having internet service and embed it in a simple html file? It will have to be saved locally. Ideally I would like to be able to change fonts/size/color.