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Thread: Bootstrap form validation POST textbox values

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    Bootstrap form validation POST textbox values

    I'm using the following script: http://jsfiddle.net/VzVy6/8/

    It give a alert message that slide in/out when a required field is still empty on submit.
    The script works fine, and in this example its only one field.

    When the field is empty I see the fade in alert message, and when the field has been filled in I see a normal popup alert message: alert("Would be submitting form");

    I can't get it to work to change this alert message to a page POST submit. I was looking online, and I see Ajax examples that I don't get to work.

    What I want is that when all fields are filled in, that the form POST submit to another page including the values in the textboxes ofcourse.

    Maybe its something really easy, but I have already a headache because tried to get it to work for more then 5 hours in a row.

    Thank you for your time.

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    Have you tried deleting (or just commenting out) all those lines with the "// Not needed, just for demonstration" comments? (None of which has anything to do with PHP, by the way.)

    PS: Don't forget you still have to do any necessary validation on the server side, as JavaScript validation will do absolutely nothing to stop malicious hackers (or even just valid users with JavaScript disabled).
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