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Thread: [RESOLVED] redirect to DIV ID in same function

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    Forget it I'm done dealing with you two. I'll wait for knowledgeable members to assist instead of just post ridiculous comments.

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    Quote Originally Posted by killinspre View Post
    I have stripped down the code as to not distract deathshadow from the actual issue


    This works properly as expected.

    How do I get it to work exactly like this from something like the following

    PHP Code:
    //this function will be on http://albertaxchange.com/include/_MyStuff.php
    function PLEASE_WORK()
    Ginerjm, you do not see the PHP function? You do not see how I intent the function to run the working script? Even Deathshadow saw and commented on it by telling about wrapping it in parenthesis just in case that becomes the custom.

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    I have taken screen shots of each to show where the problem lies.

    Image1.jpg works

    Image2.jpg doesn't work

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    Again, you're doing # and calling it from localhost -- what are you expecting it to do?!?

    Your paths must be relative to where it's called, NOT where it's included from!

    ... and that snippet really doesn't show us the whole picture. I think you aren't grasping how includes work, or the difference between HTTP location and local location.

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    I feel I have narrowed the issue down to a possible javascript issue and have moved this problem there.

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