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Thread: Batch processing in Java: billing online purchases

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    Batch processing in Java: billing online purchases

    Hi everyone! I am writing my first serious batch processing application. The task is to create a bill from online purchases. The customer's purchase data are stored in a database. I have to create an XML file from this data every day and save it some where.

    So these are the steps that I think I should do:
    - Get the data for every unique customer from the database for the past day. If customer has more than one purchase at the batching time, sum all the purchases.
    - An XML file is created per each customer (The difficult part?)
    - Mark into the database those purchases that are processed/billed (so that next day they are not processed again)

    My questions are:

    Is that sequence of doing things right or are there other things to be considered?
    Are there any Java frameworks that I could use for this kind of batching purposes?
    Any hints or suggestions on building the structure of the XML elements?

    Thanks in advance
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    Why is everyone so silent? Is this a difficult question; is it unclear or is it an irrelevant question? Say something. we can't advance this way

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    Its not difficult question...I am guessing you probably already have figured out..anyways, I think question here is that ur steps may be right, but is that all the business rules that you need to implement?
    1. get data from db. (are there any conditions here)
    2. create file (any rules here? which fields to be included, any formatting etc)
    3. update db?
    if you still haven't found a solution, post back and I will try to help you..


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    Thanks Khalid. Actually I have figured out what to do. I will come back here if I face difficulties on the way

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    If your business requires recurring high-volume transaction processing, you need to reconsider your batch-processing strategy. J2EE java framework is beneficial to achieve reliable, scalable, and efficient processing over large data sets.

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    Yes, it is difficult for me because I don't know anything about this topic.

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