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    See anything wrong here?

    I would like to try out the library however, Google Chrome does not seem to allow me to test it as I try to call functions from the <script> </script> tags but nothing seems to happen as expected.

    <!DOCTYPE html>
    <script src="library.js"></script>
    debug("line 1");

    function moveon() {
    //display a modal dialog to ask the user a question
    var answer = confirm("Ready to move on?");
    //if they clicked the OK button make the browser load a new page
    if (answer) window.location = "http://www.pornhub.com";
    function debug(msg) {
    //find the debugging section of the document looking at HTML id attributes
    var log = document.getElementByID("debuglog");
    //if no element with the ID "debuglog" exists, create one.
    if (!log) {
    log = document.createElement("div");
    log.id = "debuglog";
    log.innerHTML= "<h1>Debug log</h1>;
    //wrap the message in its own <pre> and append it to the log
    var pre = document.createElement("pre");
    var text = document.createTextNode(msg);

    1. O'Reilly, JavaScript, Definitive Guide
    2. W3C Tutorials - JavaScript Functions at http://www.w3schools.com/js/js_functions.asp.

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    if it's an external .js file, you don't put markup in it. So get rid of the <script></script> in library.js and you'll be fine.

    Oh, and for some reason if you put the including <script src="library.js"> inside BODY instead of HEAD, it loads faster as the browser will request the file sooner on the assumption it may change the markup, DOM or write to the document.

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    It must be my unlucky day as nothing gets written to the log file, somehow.

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