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Thread: Which programming environment to choose?

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    Which programming environment to choose?

    Hey everyone,

    I am a beginning webdeveloper. I was wondering which
    programming environment is convenient to start working with?
    I've considered eclipse for HTML and dreamweaver. Or is there maybe
    a better alternative? Thank you in advance.

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    "programming environment"?!? If you mean an IDE or WYSIWYG -- NONE!!!

    They are, so far as web development is concerned, fat bloated slow buggy crap that serves NO legitimate purpose other than to delude people who have no business building websites into thinking they can do so.

    Dreamweaver being the post child of this as the only thing you can learn from it is how not to build a website. NOTHING you will learn from it is of any value or even close to the correct way of doing things!

    Do yourself a huge favor, find a flat text editor you like; I like Flo's Notepad2, but EditPlus, notePad++, gEdit, text wrangler -- there are dozens of free "programmers editors" that if you need anything more complex than, you're not learning how to do things right and you likely never will.

    Likewise you should test at each major step in EVERY major browser you can lay your hands on, not some goofy "preview pane" that doesn't even behave like the browser it's based on. Browsers are free, GET THEM!

    But things like editors with "preview panes", or worse outright WYSIWYGS? Presentational thinking from the start, and presentational thinking (worrying about what it's going to look like before you have semantic markup) is broken, back-assward putting the cart before the horse thinking... Developers are dumber for things like that even existing!

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    You are new to programming. So you have need to clear basic concepts. So first study C programming because it will clear your basic concepts of programming.

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    You need to start with HTML, CSS, jquery, PHP and then WordPress etc.

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    Hi, I've lately been using Aptana for editing HTML, seems good considering its free.

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    Which programming environment to choose?

    For a beginner i think you should first analyze your basic skills like HTML, HTML5 , C , C++ then you can learn Asp.Net to go for web development as .net is the different platform and it is in high demand nowadays.

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