I am fairly new to the concept of rebasing with Git, and I have been following the guidance from a StackOverflow post by doing this:

git fetch
git checkout CRM-my-feature-branch
git rebase -i origin/develop
git push -f origin CRM-my-feature-branch
This has generally worked well for me. I done this in mid-May to bring CRM-my-feature-branch up to date with origin/develop which other developers are working on.

However, I have just tried to do the same thing again and I have been hit with a vast number of conflicts. Now, conflicts are fine but some files seem to almost be in a permanent state of conflict. For example, commit 2 will show as a conflict of commit 1 so rather than git realising that commit 2 comes after commit 1 - it shows as a conflict.

Is this a symptom of rebasing on top of a branch that I have previously rebased on?