Hi Guys

I have a good general knowledge of the fundamentals of what is required to build a website, however as an amateur it can be quite difficult to figure out what to use for what because there's so much out there.

I am looking to undertake a huge project which is purely personal. It is a learning experience. I hope that I will be able to achieve everything I outline here in order to present it as an idea if at all possible. Here goes:


  • The essential thing is security, no rookie errors that leave vulnerabilities, intelligently planned languages/frameworks/protocols etc etc. So from start to finish any advice on these areas would be appreciated because obviously this needs to be considered when making choices.
  • I also hope that the end product can be given over and managed with ease whilst still allowing for the design to be sleek, modern, interactive and responsive.

A brief summary of what I wish the project to contain:

Main index page with the usual jazz like "about" and "news" etc. However I also want people to be able to create an account, make profiles, upload pictures, biography. I'd like this to be well integrated into some form of community tool (like a forum) without being a completely separate engine. Ideally I'd like people to be able to network with each other, form communities, join communities, organise events, share pictures, etc etc all from this website profile.

I'd also like the database on the website to be able to accept connections requesting certain information. Ideally this information should be able to help keep another CRM / dynamics type of database updated. The idea to only allow the information to be requested as opposed to hard coding scripts that point directly to the CRM is really to reduce the likelihood of running into any data protection issues.

Essentially this profile section could be considered similar to something like Facebook but the important difference is that the front face of the website is still part of an organisation and it's something I'd like to build into it, rather than have it separate. Hopefully this will give me more freedom as to how it is designed.

I'm really interested in ajax / jquery for the webdesign front - any opinions on that?

  • Aside from that please can I ask your advice on the following:
  • Is it advisable to use a framework (like for eg bootstrap)? What are the options and their pros and cons?
  • What type of software should I use to manage & organise this project nicely?
  • What type of databases are there and what are the security differences? Also please consider ease of use in any suggestions.
  • What other tools / languages should be considered as the core for a project like this?

Any other advice is appreciated. Any other opinions / additions to what I need to consider are also appreciated.

Warmest regards