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Thread: Need help with changing a button's onclick

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    Need help with changing a button's onclick

    I'm baffled as to why I'm getting a "null" when trying to assign a new onclick to a form button after it's clicked. When I troubleshoot I'm using alerts. Here is my code:

    // this first alert yeilds: function onclick(event) { javascript:readTextFile("81","plus"); }
    			   document.getElementById(formName).onclick = 'javascript:readTextFile("81","minus")';
    // this second alert yields: null
    Am I assigning the onclick incorrectly?

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    I tried adding ".value" after "onclick" but that didn't work either. It does not change it at all when I do that. I get the same as the first alert. Why won't it change the onclick???
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    if you use DOM correctly then your referencing will be...


    so adding a new onclick would be something like

    document.formName.formElementName.onclick = function(){ /* stuff in here */}

    in one of my scripts I have a loop that grabs the particular element called doc, it then applies an onclick event to it like so...
    doc.onclick = function(){ report("Mouse Click in cell : " + this.innerHTML);} // this will be replaced with something useful
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    that seems to work. thanks.

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