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Thread: Which things people are most impress in website?

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    Which things people are most impress in website?

    Which things people are most impress in website?Content or Design?
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    Depends on how you want to impress.

    Design impresses ONCE -- it's that first impression. The problem is if you have content of value that people visit frequently, big fancy animated graphics heavy media heavy DESIGN is just going to piss visitors off.

    Content is the gift that lasts -- it's the be-all end-all reason to even HAVE a website in the first blasted place; it's why for SEO the first thing you'll be told by anyone qualified to open their yap on the subject is going to be "content of value" -- it's why semantic markup and progressive enhancement exists.

    In many ways, it's why the best design is one the user doesn't even notice; because if the visitor notices the design before they notice your content, you've probably done something wrong!

    ... and again, as I often say look at the big success stories of the Internet -- Google, Amazon, E-Bay, FaceBook, Slashdot... these are NOT exactly what you'd call a "visual tour-de-force"; they have content of value and design is more an afterthought. Hell, look at one of the shocking success stories -- CRAIGSLIST -- that design is so bad it makes Photoshop jockeys -- to borrow from Larry the Cable Guy -- have thier willy shrink in so far it ends up poking out their backside.

    Though naturally all the scam artists at houses of ill repute like ThemeForest and TemplateMonster cry like five year olds every time you try to explain that to them.
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    Both are important but design comes first because a visitor first see the design of the website if he found the design interesting then only he will read the content. There are only few visitors who read the content first.
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    Design of a website is more important then the content. if you have a bad design user will leave your website immediately
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    actually its depends but in my opinion design is and the content both matter for the user attraction design matter and for the content matter for the seo point of view
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    Which things people are most impress in website?

    When any user land on the site , Then first they check there look and feel .All the navigation work properly and user friendly . Then user check the content on this website .
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    Quote Originally Posted by thaversantosh View Post
    When any user land on the site , Then first they check there look and feel .All the navigation work properly and user friendly . Then user check the content on this website .
    I hear people say that, and... well... I don't get it.

    When I land on a website, the first thing I'm looking for is what brought me to the site in the first place, the content I'm looking for. If I notice something other than that, it's usually because some 'designer' pissed all over the page in photoshop making it difficult to actually do so.

    Though I guess you could call that good design vs. bad design -- since as I said before a good design is one you don't actually notice and drives you right to what you landed on the site for in the first place -- the CONTENT.
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    On page of your website should be proper, always use quality and fresh contents to your website. The most important thing is always making use of related content to your website's niche and use knowledgeable and unique contents to your website.
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    In my opinion Both are the impotent content as well as design good content is interesting to read and design makes everything appealing.
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    I guess people always look for the exact information so if the website is designed in such a way that just a glance is enough to know everything, then it will good for the visitors. Also some eye catchy images attract the visitors most.
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    I think that it is important to distinguish between what you may look for in a site and what others do. I suspect that you are strongly content-orientated, and that is fine in itself. Historically the web has been predominantly an information medium. What is less appropriate is your apparent belief that others are, or should be, equally content-orientated. That is not necessarily the case. Increasingly, the web is becoming an entertainment and commercial medium. This does not negate the need for good original content, but it raises the importance of visual design alongside it. Web design has an important role to play.

    Therefore I would suggest that you should distinguish between your views, and the views you think others SHOULD hold, and the views that others DO hold, however misguided you may feel that those views are.
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    Both Design help to user to visit your website & Content helps to bind up user more time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jedaisoul View Post
    Increasingly, the web is becoming an entertainment and commercial medium.
    In which case my statement stands -- since that entertainment (media) is CONTENT.

    You say "content first" and for some reason people seem to think you only mean text -- if you have a content image or movie you say that element's filename and alt text (or whatever is appropriate to the media type) in your starting flat text file.

    If it's what the user is there to get, it's content. Therein that's the ONLY part of the site that really matters. Doesn't matter if that content is text, a movie, a sound file, or an image -- that's what people are going to the site FOR. Everything else is window dressing.

    ... and I'm not saying you can't make it attractive, but that should be the last step, like siding and paint on a house. There's no sense in trying to paint a house that the architect hasn't even laid out the frame for yet. It's akin to hiring an "artist" to design a skyscraper who knows nothing about architecture -- some thirteen years later and you're still pushing back the opening date after billions of dollars of cost overruns. Just ask New York City about that one.

    ... and if I'm pushing these views a bit vehemently, it's because I'm sick of watching people being led down the garden path to failure. Most of the 'artists' out there sleazing out PSD's simply don't know enough about HTML, CSS, emissive colourspace or accessibility to be 'designing' a blasted thing for anyone, which is why at the scam artist whorehouses like ThemeForest and TemplateMonster all you are going to find is a bunch of nube-predating bull none of which has any business being deployed on a real website.

    Lemme put it another way -- ever wonder why Vimeo, or worse smaller sites have NO CHANCE of ever making a real dent in Youtube's traffic? How about how most official game websites are useless messes nobody goes to, allowing fan sites to blow them out of the water? Rockstar's official game sites vs. sites like GTAGarage (and it's dozen sister sites like gtav.net) comes to mind.

    You don't have to look very deep to figure it out...

    Oh, and yes, GTAV.net is a media heavy design heavy site with a lot of accessibility failings -- it's also content driven and a dozen times more useful than the steaming pile of artsy-fartsy crap Rockstar has because of it's clean navigation, layout and ability to actually *SHOCK* get at the content. I could rip it a new backside for the endless pointless DIV for nothing and outdated site building methodologies, but at least the content is there in a useful manner... there's no reason what a site like that has couldn't have been built the way I'm saying, faster and in less code for less effort, while being more accessible... but you go to http://www.rockstargames.com/V/ and all you end up with is the overwhelming urge to punch someone in the face from the splash screen/age verification ALONE. You get inside the site, it's such a slow loading bloated inaccessible mess of "I can haz intarnets" I would be genuinely shocked to find anyone who could call that site useful, much less worth visiting. It REEKS of letting some artists and scripttards just walk through a pile and track it all over the web!

    There's a reason the 'design first' and "accessibility, what's that" approach to development is restricted to certain types of sites; most of which are miserable failures -- Brick and Mortars for whom a web-presence is an afterthought, small personal sites where someone got duped into paying their way into thinking they have a website, Official gaming sites where they are so obsessed with "wow" they don't care if anyone actually visits the pages, and of course, the personal sites of such designers themselves.

    ... and there's a reason you'd be hard pressed to find a major successful website using any of that crap. Unless you have a magical cult of followers like Apple or Ikea, flash over substance thinking is the road to failure.

    We can't all have followers who go "I'll buy anything shiny with an Apple logo on it"
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    In my opinion both are important in a website.

    Well written content keeps a user interested while design grabs the attention of a user.
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    It varies from people to people, I personally like Content over design, It doesn't mean I dislike design. They are still important factor to publicize your website among large amout of croud.
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