Okay, so am new to this forum and only ever posted on a forum once before.
am a trainee developer (long story but basically i learn and develop at the company i work at), i've been in charge of making a web app with the use of php, html, javascript and css, i've got down the basics of php, html and css, i've looked at a bit of javascript code and it's not completely alien to me (i should mention that previous to this i was self teaching c++ and i've got a basic understanding of the language).
So that's a bit of my background, now here's my problem:
I need to create a table that will show every week from a user imputed date to another user imputed date, so i get the amount of weeks through php, now i need to out put all those weeks as columns titles on the table and the row titles would come from previous user imputed information and the cells are all user input information. Now here comes the trouble all the examples of tables i've seen so far needs to be imputed manually by code (ive looked at the google charts api for javascript). Is there a way to achieve a table that all the title information for roles and columns are added through some sort of loop also each cell of the table needs to be linked somehow to a database so that all users can see the information.
Hope my explanation is good enough, i have a real hard time explaning these things through words, i usually have to draw it and explain it through diagrams so that it makes sense.