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Thread: Online Video Player with Playlist

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    Online Video Player with Playlist

    Someone has asked me about creating a page similar to this one on this page at http://www.kimclement.com/watch/

    I need a video player (which is easy..) but then having a playlist at the side which links into the main video player... within a box that does its own thing...

    I am struggling to get my head round it so some pointers would be helpful as everything I am seeing online at the moment doesn't help..

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    Hi Alan,

    The player used in that link is Flash based.. just to let you know, Adobe for the most part have removed all support for the flash plug-in and are no longer making the flash program at all!...

    To build a site now using that technology would just be suicide!.. Id suggest you looking to a html5 player.. Take a look at this one.. It will do what your asking and more.. its also allows you to make your own GUI/UI to suit your website, along with endless pre made templates... Its also allows you to run only 1 format across all devices (iPhone to Desktop)...

    Picker Player - http://www.pickleplayer.com/


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    Quote Originally Posted by Code-tard View Post
    just to let you know, Adobe for the most part have removed all support for the flash plug-in and are no longer making the flash program at all!...
    Uhm... NO? Flash is alive and well and still being developed by Adobe. New versions of Flash player come through every month now; I don't know where you got that notion in your head but that's 100% grade A farm fresh bull.

    The only reason to resort to HTML 5 playback is if you have to support Apple users who've been told they don't own the hardware they paid money for via Vendor lock-in, or the rage against the machine Freetards.

    Also, the player you linked to requires all the goofy different formats -- mp4, webm, ogg -- and will fall back on using flash in older browsers... (admittedly using said flash to play MP4) so that "1 format across all devices" thing is a load of bull. It's just scripttardery to make it so "normals" can add video without understanding how any of it works.

    A laugh since said scripting has zero graceful degradation and in most cases seems more complex than just using the normal code.

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    My bad.. your right dude... stupid www. - It gave me that fresh farm bull!... Couple of weeks ago someone here mentioned Adobe had dropped "Fireworks".. So I run over to Abobe to find out whats going on?...

    I see in the forum that both Fireworks & Flash have been removed?.. I freak out and do a google search on "what the hell happened to flash?".. I get a ton of articles dated 2011-2012ish (nothing newer).. Saying that flash has withdrawn all support for andriod and providing minimal support for desktops, a little for gaming and media...
    And that their was no plans for it to be part of the CC series....

    After you chewed me out I had a deeper look... Thx mate!... Yes "Flash Professional CC"... Cool!.. Looks like there moving away from the plugin and more towards the canvas.. or have I got that wrong too?...

    Anytime dude.. I'll take a good roasting in exchange for the right wisdom any day.. Its extremely important to me I get this right!... and just ask the old man, he'll tell you a good roasting was the only method that ever worked! .... ty

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    Quote Originally Posted by Code-tard View Post
    My bad.. your right dude... stupid www. - It gave me that fresh farm bull!... Couple of weeks ago someone here mentioned Adobe had dropped "Fireworks".. So I run over to Abobe to find out whats going on?...
    Happens to the best of us -- I just recently screwed up on negative values in Z-index the same way; invalid in CSS 2.0, never noticed that it's valid in CSS 2.1 since most of 2.1 was never implemented properly, I never bothered with it.

    Though that's why I took browser makers to task a few years ago -- gaping holes in the html 4.01 and CSS 2.1 specs, so lets start implementing HTML 5 and CSS3 before we finish off what's existed for a decade. Makes perfect sense

    Feel free to rip me a new one when I screw up too.

    There's a LOT of disinformation out there -- see the people making wild claims about B and I being deprecated, or the folks that turn "don't use tables for layout" into "don't ever use tables". Flash gets a lot of flak and a lot of it is just FUD by people who have an agenda... like raging against the evil corporations, or promoting vendor lock-in -- a laugh when it's both at once; see HTML 5 VIDEO and AUDIO. Raging against the 'evil' plugins by 'evil' corporations, by creating new tags redundant to what already exists (OBJECT) that seems to exist JUST to let browser makers shove their favorite codec/container combinations down our throats, with the end result we end up deploying bloated code five times worse than anything we used during the WMP vs. QuickTime vs. Realplayer wars of the late `90's. -- a war that Flash won when it wasn't even considered a player at the time.

    Hell, there's a reason Hulu won't touch HTML 5 with a 20 foot cattle prod... and NetFlix only begrudgingly implements it in browsers that have implemented the DRM options that most of the freetards are raging against right now. and to be frank, on most systems you get better more reliable playback if you go into Netflix's options and set it back to using flash!
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    Hey, this is really great player with playlist.

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    JC Player and Tube Snack are good one

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    Quote Originally Posted by speakarea View Post
    JC Player and Tube Snack are good one
    Yes, I would also go for JC Player.

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    I'd go with JC Player, but with Tube Snack, hmm, I seriously haven't tried it yet, maybe I'll give it a try..
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