I have a database of catering orders. Some of the orders have refill times (1 & 2). I need to display a list of all order, including separate entries for those with refill times, in chronological order for a particular date. So if order A has 2 refill times I want to see this:

order A (9 am)
order B (10 am)
order C (11 am)
order A refill 1 (12 pm)
order D (1 pm)
order E (2 pm)
order A refill 2 (3 pm)

I am unable to figure out the query this is what I have:

PHP Code:
$sql1="SELECT * FROM forms_hostess WHERE month='$m' AND day='$d' AND year='$y' AND cancelled!='x' ORDER BY starttime"
This just shows the order once not 3 times (1 - for the order, 2 - for refill 1, 3 - for refill 2)

I am assuming that I have to have code after the fact checking for if there are refill times and reiterated the entry but I am unsure how.