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Thread: How to categorize my post in website ?

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    How to categorize my post in website ?

    Hi i am currently learning html css and java script. while learning i am also practicing.I have decided to make a sample movie site.

    here >>

    but the problem is how will i categorize the movies to action, comedy, animation etc..please help i will be very thankful to you.

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    Friend there are many online tutorial on internet you can help it online. Thanks

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    Well First let us now which plateform you are using Php,.net or any cms then we can help you else you should search on google you got many already develop online script for this isue just copy and past and customize them as per your requirement.

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    If you are developing a website using only HTML, you have categorize it manually by searching on google or any other movie website and check how they are doing it.

    If you are using any scripting language then you should have and admin panel to add categories and assign sub categories as per your requirement.

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    Friends Could you please help me by giving any examples for tuts as i tried tags, labels and many other queries the only thing i get is for wordpress or blogger. my website have no connection with wordpress or blogger.

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    You can not do what you are suggesting purely client-side (well not for a realistic number of films).

    1. You need to build a server-side database of film titles, image names etc... and their classifications.
    2. You then need to write a query which will return the info on the films that are in the respective category.

    Note: I'd suggest that, as the categories are not necessarily exclusive, you need a field for each category, with Y/N flags in each for each film. E.g. For a comedy action film you would have "Y" in the comedy and action fields and "N" in the rest. If this is gobble-de-gook to you, then you need to learn the basics of building and using databases before you attempt to build such a site.

    Oh, and by the way, I'm assuming you have no intention of putting the site live? All the films you include are copyright, and your site would be liable to be closed down by the copyright holders. Also we do not condone piracy, and have no intention of aiding anyone infringing copyright.

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