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Thread: Drop Down selection control Picture Opacity - Java Script

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    Drop Down selection control Picture Opacity - Java Script

    I am using Adobe Acrobat Pro x. I am stuck on writing some Javascript.

    I have a drop down box labeled Grade and 4 images labeled A,B,C and D. What I would like is if the drop down box has A Selected Then image A will be at 100% opacity while B,C and D are at 35% opacity.

    And then the same for each picture, if B is selected image B is 100% rest are 35% opacity so on and so forth.

    If drop down selection is blank all are at 0% capacity

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    You cannot directly control/change an image on page in adobe acrobat forms with javascript event.
    A little trick is that create four buttons with icons of all your images. Then just make one visible at a time on dropdown selection change.

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