I currently have my e-commerce site hosted by my web developer...I know...big mistake.

I plan to have my web developer transfer the files (they are charging $2,800 to do this) to an outside host where I have a huge credit.

I want to know if there is any value to doing this if it turns out I don't own the source code (they say I do but I am having a lawyer check my contract as I am not certain). They developed this website using proprietary software, admin panel, etc.--not open source.

My goal is to have my website made more user friendly with a new developer using something like prestashop (anyone out there a pro a prestashop?) and be able to do some of the updates myself (on my current site it is very difficult).

If I find out I don't own the source code, is there any value to my transferring the files to a new host (godaddy). Is there anything in them that a new web developer can use even if we have to build a new site from scratch? I am okay, I guess, if I have to pay this $2,800 if it helps me going forward to have the files in my hands even if it turns out I don't own the code.

Would really appreciate your advice.