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Thread: How do you store state of checkbox in a phpmyadmin database

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    How do you store state of checkbox in a phpmyadmin database

    Whether checked or unchecked. What I have so far is like this:

    in the php site where user inputs I have this <input type="checkbox" name="check" id="check" >
    and the php to post the state which is like the confirmation page I have this <input type="checkbox" <?php echo (isset($_GET['check']) ? 'checked' : '');?> disabled> . So I want to be able to do what I did with the confirmation page, but with a database, to be able to store the state in the data base.

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    I solved it, for anyone interested, all I had to do was store any value on the database when the checkbox was checked, you know like 1, or on, and the in the form make a if statement for when the value that is stored is equal to 1 or whatever, echo a input box that is checked else echo input box empty

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