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Thread: Put HTML in PHP script

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    Put HTML in PHP script

    Hi Guys,

    A few weeks ago I discovered this amazing PHP login script: https://github.com/panique/php-login-advanced

    After installing it locally I was happy to see that it worked fine however the pages do not have any design.

    See behind this direct link:

    I would like to put some HTML and CSS around the tags so I have looked around the internet for some information but so far I haven't find anything that really explains what I need: adding HTML/CSS around a PHP script.

    It must be that I'm missing something out. Can anybody help me with guiding me to a good course, template or explanation about this?

    Many thanks in advance.

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    Anything not within <?php ... ?> tags will be directly output to the browser. Likewise, within <?php ... ?> tags, you can output text to the browser via echo or print() commands. So just choose what makes sense to use at any point where you need to output some HTML.
    PHP Code:
    <p>Hello, <?php echo $foo?>!</p>
    // or you could do this:
    echo "<p>Hello again, $foo!</p>";
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