Hello, I'm unable to find out a solution to some 'Unindexed Notice' & 'Unindexed Variable' errors in some of the pages of my website(although I solved some by using 'isset' function as advised on various sites on internet). I'm including the code of both the pages,the page I'm executing & the page the Unindexed errors are pointed to.

Here are the Pastebin links for the two pages(not able to paste code here because it is more than allowed number of characters).

Search.php, this is the file I'm executing(upon which I'm getting errors)

Search.class.php, this is the file to which the errors are pointed to. The error is pointed to Line No.152(Undefined Index: conf_currency_symbol) & the second error is pointed to Line No.312(Undefined Variable: child_flag).

(Note: this is a reservation management system that I'm personalizing some of it's aspects to my needs, so I'm not the original coder. And I'm completely noob to PHP or to any web programming languages).