I am looking to start a career in PHP development. I consider myself good with PHP, javascript, css but not working in a commercial sense I have no idea if I would be out of my league.

I am comfortable with Laravel MVC, jquery, git, Sass, ajax and used a few APIs, such as google maps, iron queue and mailgun. I have used PHPunit but as my projects have be small and my own, I have not really taken it too seriously. I have dabbled with Wordpress and Drupal, which seemed OK(but frustrating but I could get used to it) and made a few plugins.

It seems there are an impossible amount of frameworks and CMS's to learn, so I assume a company would give you time to adjust to their preferred one?

Obviously, a portfolio would be good but I am awful at design. What sort of sites should I build to show of my PHP?

Is the above knowledge enough to get started in a company?