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Thread: I could not be newer to Javascript!

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    I could not be newer to Javascript!

    So, as the title states, I am on day 2 of learning Javascript. My question is, what is the best example, be it most creative, complex, strange, or whatever use of Javascript you guys have seen. I'm still very much trying to get a good handle on what it can be used for and what I can aspire to create with it. Any input is appreciated!

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    kind of a broad question (Atwood’s Law states that "any application that can be written in JavaScript, will eventually be written in JavaScript"), but I guess some of the most immediately gee-whizz stuff is getting done with the <canvas> element (google html5 canvas art for multiple examples).

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    In many live projects that are in javascript and php I saw here the most creative, complex, strange designing, or the type of designing you want fro here, Many online sites are available in internet from where you get the best example that you ever seen. One example of it is Microsoft SharePoint 2010 which is having a most preposterous features of an interface.

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    JavaScript services the programmers need for client side usability while all good programming has a fall back position, this will be based on HTML and a server-side language or in some cases it will be written in Java.

    \\.\'s law
    --> JavaScript Frameworks like JQuery, Angular, Node <--
    ... and please remember to wrap code with forum BBCode tags:-

    [CODE]...[/CODE] [HTML]...[/HTML] [PHP]...[/PHP]

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