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Thread: Getting files

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    Getting files

    Hi, I have a protected folder in the cgi-bin for my admin Perl scripts. From there I can do backups and store the zipped files on the server. However, I would like to have the backup folder inside the admin in the cgi-bin.

    The trouble is that I do not know how to download (from admin) them when I need them. A clickable link errors (works fine when not in a cgi-bin protected folder).

    How would I be able to do this?
    Create another protected folder outside the CGI Bin?
    Would I be able to store the files there (a different protected folder) from my admin?

    I can do the backups fine and also upload any zipped files I want to keep for later with no problem.

    Any help appreciated, thanks.

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    Please write did you decide your problem. I'm very intresting in your answer - because I'm having like problem.

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    Not yet

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