I have experience with the Adobe Creative Suite, specifically; Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Flash and some FireWorks. I have some knowledge of HTML, CSS actionscript and javascript, although the javascript is pretty limited. My experience is limited and my learning is through trial/error and on-line courses. Kind of a jack-of-all trades / master of none. I live in a rural area and really don't know any web developers in this area. I also have the opportunity to take some courses to strengthen my knowledge/skills.

The question I have is this: For someone with basic knowledge/understanding, the desire to learn and the courses available, what should I work on strengthening if I want to be able to create a stand alone website with moderately sophisticated graphics and animation?

In other words, what software / language should a person be adept at when trying to tackle something like that?

Thanks in advance for your kind advice!