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    Quote Originally Posted by pedro147 View Post
    just as you said Too easy
    Too often these days people are writing JS where the HTML hooks the scripting instead of the other way around, or that you have to target by specific Id's in the scripting. I like making my scripts target the markup instead -- since then the page can gracefully degrade scripting off. It's also nice as it means you can have more than one block on the page formatted.

    Quote Originally Posted by pedro147 View Post
    What does your zoot project do?
    It's a wind controller akin to the Akai EWI. I have my own website about the USB version:


    It's basically an electronic woodwind. You blow into it and a pressure sensor is translated into midi controller data. The keys are capacitive touch sensitive (so no moving parts -- like a touch lamp). The fancy non-usb models have 8 octave rollers giving you a ridiculous possible 10 octaves, the USB model has 3 rollers resulting in a five octave range. The result of all the inputs is turned into a MIDI data stream.

    There were a number of things I wish the EWI USB had that it's more expensive counterparts do -- like an actual display to tell you what's going on, the ability to do things like setting the instrument key, and so forth -- and a few things I think would be nice like the ability to output major and minor chords with each note on a different MIDI channel. (so each one could be assigned a different voice)... which is where my attempts to build my own version come into play.

    The one from Akai also has some physical issues I'm trying to address like being difficult to just 'hold on to' -- which is why I was thinking that maybe it should just have a velcro strap around the right hand like a camcorder. Or that the USB plug and wire comes straight out the bottom in a manner that you really shouldn't rest it on it's end, or you'll stress the cord.

    Originally I wanted to build it with a normal arduino, but it just didn't have enough oomph or pinouts. A Teensy++ proved much more effective particularly since they have optimized I/O writes and reads in it's version of the Arduino interface, but I was still resorting to a bit more machine language than I'd have liked, and it's not QUITE as responsive as I'd like when you have more than two-thirds the keys touched. I figure if I was right on the edge of perfection with the Teensy++, the 40mhz Arm3 in the Teensy 3.0 should be overkill...

    The cool thing about the Teensy 3.0 being that it might be an entirely different CPU family, but it will run most Arduino Sketches.

    The software from Akai and Garritan is... meh. But you combine it with some good software like Sample Modeling's "The Saxophones" and it's a whole different beastie.

    See this fellow playing the EWI 4000s with the Mr. Sax T softsynth from "The Saxophones"

    Or Bernie Kenerson with the EWI USB and the Mr. Sax B softsynth:

    Basically, the end result is not what comes to mind for most people when they think MIDI.

    I used to be a Tenor and Bari sax player, but a few years ago some quacks screwed up and over/mis-medicated me right into a slew of problems including a mild parkinsonism and neurological damage that makes it hard for me to press the keys on a real sax -- The EWI being touch sensitive instead of having buttons you press means I still get to play, instead of having my muse stifled.

    ... and yet I'm STILL a model M elitist jacktard when it comes to computer keyboards.

    It's also nice as I can't afford a new Bari (a cheap one is five grand, a good one is the cost of a car) -- while the getting a EWI USB and "The Sax Brothers" works out to the same outlay as a cheap chinese e-bay alto sax (well under a grand).

    Though I've wanted to build one since I saw this performance live when I was a teenager in the '80's... When my crappy little high school quartet (Frayed Edges) was on a opposite stage.
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