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Thread: Basic Javascript Countdown question

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    Basic Javascript Countdown question

    Hi everyone,

    I'm in the process of learning Javascript and my assignment is to build a Javascript countdown timer. The script should accept an initial integer amount of seconds in the window (for example, "116"), count it down to 0, and stop upon reaching this value. Only the amount of seconds to countdown should be displayed (no milliseconds). I need a Start, Stop and Reset button as well.

    I figured out how to build a stopwatch but this I can't figure out - any have any live examples to demonstrate? I am stuck on the custom integer that the user can enter...


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    To get the custom integer from the user you can use the prompt box, input tag... anything user can interact with and set, choose... a value. Use the setInterval function to run a custom function (which will do the job) every second (that is 1000 ms).

    Implementing the Reset button is fairly easy. Let's say you choose a h1 tag as a display. When user clicks the Reset button simply set h1's value to 0.
    To stop the countdown you should connect your Stop button with the JavaScript function which will use the clearInterval function to clear any set interval and cancel the countdown.

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    You will find plenty of examples on the internet, not being rude but this sounds homeworky type question, something that crops up regular, stopwatch / count down timer, dice roll and other scripts that are designed to test coders skills.

    So, try looking for something that does what you need and modify it so that you know what is happening so that when asked, you can explain how it functions.

    Good Luck
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