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Thread: Is possible to make our website bounce rate at 0%?

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    Is possible to make our website bounce rate at 0%?

    Is possible to make our website bounce rate at 0%? Possible means how to do?
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    What constitutes a bounce anyway?

    Consider this:
    I do a search for "Widgets in Walla Walla" because I'm interested in buying one. Being a smart shopper I do some price comparison between the 3-4 websites offering the widget I need. At this point I'm just doing "research".
    So I hit each site in the SERPs (or at least the ones that look relevant).
    I find the information I need on each of those sites and move on.

    Technically, those are all "bounces" because I visited only one page on all of those sites. In actuality they really aren't. I found what I needed. Each website was succesful in giving me their information, therefore I was successful in my search and research.

    Let's continue my little tale:
    Suppose your site had the best price on widgets but I'm not ready to buy just yet. I bookmark your widget page so I can find it again. About a month later I'm ready to buy. I click on my bookmark, go to your page, order my widget and several days later it arrives at my house. I'm a happy customer.

    From a bounce-rate standpoint I "bounced" the first time I was on your page. The second time I was on it and actually ordered doesn't count for or against the bounce-rate because I didn't come to the page from a search. In your logs and stats I appear from "nowhere", order, and disappear. You see? That's a case of a "bounce" not really being a bounce.

    Therefore, and to answer part of your question, the simple answer is "You cannot have a zero bounce rate". As demonstrated above it is an extremely dubious metric to begin with.

    Let's move on to reducing bounces:
    One thing that I want, actually demand, when searching for something is for the information to load instantly. I don't wait for your fancy slider that loads eight 2mb pictures of your widgets. If I encounter that I'm gone; FYI that's a true bounce. I don't mind sliders in general, just please optimize the images and allow your other content (what I'm really interested in!) to load.

    Another annoying "design" gaining recent traction is what I call the "Facebook Effect" (as a nod to Ken Burns ). You know what I mean. As you scroll down the page more and more content loads and is displayed. It's fine I suppose for someone who's been assimilated by Borgbook, but for real websites it's annoying as hell. I just want to find what I'm looking for. Criminy, just make 12 pages of content and link them! I know that "developers" are using this technique partly for SEO purposes (put all their content and information on one page to make that page rank higher). But it really is frustrating for the user to scroll through endless screens and loads to find the information they are looking for. Information which could have been put on its own page and made to rank even higher simply because it would be "featured content" rather than being buried in a mass of other content. You see, if I have to scroll more than 2-3 "screens" to find what I'm looking for I'm gone -- another true bounce.

    If you haven't figured it out by now, here's the take-away: Any page you think could possibly be a landing page from a search (ummm.... all of them?) should not make the user wait to view the information they were searching for, or force them on a hunting expedition through your "page". Load your relevant content pretty close to instantly and your true bounces will definitely be reduced, although they may still show up as bounces in your stats because the user didn't visit any other page.

    The real take-away: "bounce rate" is, as deathie might put it, a "sick buzz-phrase" which is at best extremely inaccurate and at worst used by SEO "experts" to justify payment from unsuspecting and ignorant customers.

    And why is it I know more about this topic than the experts???

    There, I feel better now.
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    0% Bounce rate is very difficult if it possible then how we can do this
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    It merely not possible to get 0% bounce rate because no matter how well structured and popular your website is, there are some visitors who visit only your main page of your website.
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    You cannot make bounce rate of your website 0% but you can decrease it to much extent using various techniques like unique content, creating quality backlinks and by decreasing loading time of your site.
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    In my view it is impossible to get your website bounce rate at 0%. But if you do SEO techniques to the Website I hope it will help you.
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    Seems like the posts have gone down hill - thread closed.
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