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Thread: how to display a video streams url

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    how to display a video streams url

    i need to display the url of a video stream so that the url is shown on the web page. Not the link but the entire url. I have looked everywhere but do not find how to do this or how to do it for a video.

    PHP Code:
             <a id="page-url" href="#">URL</a

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    Do you know what the URL is, or are you saying you need to read the URL via JS ?

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    yes I know what my url is but I need it to display or echo it out on the page.

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    i found some code but its for frames so far it doesn't work for a video frame. I just need to know how to grab the url of a video stream or video so that its displayed on a web page.

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    What type of video player are you using?

    When you know, look up how you set the URL in the player that plays the video, the variable will be accessible to JavaScript if the player is a JavaScript based player or you can grab the embed tag that is used for the flash player and traverse the DOM tree to find the SRC property of the video.
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