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Thread: Problem with Godaddy

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    Problem with Godaddy


    Was wondering if anyone had a similar problem with Godaddy.

    I'm a web designer and have signed up many domains with Godaddy without any problems. Recently, one of my client domains had a problem with Godaddy blocking SBC emails. Apparently, some email user (unknown to us or company) was on their black list, so Godaddy blocked all the emails coming from SBC. Normally I would understand, but SBC is the biggest ISP in California which effected a lot of innocent emailers. Needless to say, I had to switch companys since my client could not experience blocked emails from existing or potential clients.

    I tried working with Godaddy but they would not budge. I was disappointed since I send them a lot of business


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    I had the same experience with Adelphia blocking anything that came from Bigfoot. No warnings. No notices via email, snail mail, or online. Nothing. And no one to complain to.

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    I have a strong opinion about Godaddy.com Used it once, never will again. Just doesn't offer much...like 1 email unless you pay more, I would go for a higher quality provider. But I guess there good for the programmer with basic needs...

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