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Thread: Why called java is a plateform independent?

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    Why called java is a plateform independent?

    Why called java is a platform independent?

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    Which are you asking about: Java or JavaScript? They are not the same. Anyway, JavaScript is platform independent because it is interpreted by the browser. Different versions of the browsers work on different platforms, but the Javascript (and HTML and CSS) are the same.

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    Java the language is not platform dependent, it will run on computers, TV Remotes, mobile phones, vending machines, tills and much more.

    JavaScript is not platform dependent, only thing is that it will only run in web browsers. No one has created a proper compiler to make JavaScript independent of a web browser, some have tried and palm off systems that are nothing more than a micro server platform that has built in web browser for display but nothing completely compiles as a standalone.

    As it has been pointed out, they are not the same, JavaScript is "Very" Java in its structure but that is all, they are completely different on every other aspect.
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