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Thread: what are some of your learning meathods

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    what are some of your learning meathods

    ok, so ive been learning web development on my own, im taking a few classes from udemy. but i was just wondering what are some of your learning methods when learning something new in html or a programming language? ive started writing it down on paper, i write down quite a bit of code or html whatever im learning plus the new part before i even take it to the computer to learn it. im also writing some harder concepts or stuff i keep forgetting with my left hand as i heard that it helps you remember more. what about yall?

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    There are studies that typing uses somewhat different parts of the brain than writing by hand, and speaking yet others, while reading yet others; so to really make something stick, something like writing it down and then reading it out loud can help it to "stick" in your brain better, as more connections are made in your brain about it.

    But theory aside, actually using it in a real application always helps: don't just read code, but write it in a real context.

    Now, the other problem is trying/hoping you are learning something the "right way", which means looking for peer-reviewed sources and using multiple information sources, not just depending on one source for which you don't really know for sure how good it is.
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    The main reason I joined this forum was to learn. One thing I do here is look at someone's problem and play with the code to try and solve it. Sometimes I do and sometimes I don't. Sometimes I post my "solution", such as it is, and sometimes I don't. Sometimes -- well, most of the time -- someone else has a better solution. That's OK! I learn no matter what.

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    When learning something new I try to set myself a little challenge - make a mini-project if you like. For example, I recently wanted to learn python. Instead of reading books or online tutorials I set myself the task of creating a little script that computes the odds of motor sport championship based on current standings. I am very much an advocate for active learning - that is learning my doing.


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