Hi all, Im new to the site and i have a huge question for someone. I am attempting to create a spinning slot machine that randomizes texts. Let me give you an example.

You go to the wheel, you are looking for a hardware tool, on the furthest wheel to the left you can lock in "Hardware" so then that wheel wont spin, now the middle wheel would be for example the kind of screw driver, you can choose whether to have a phillips or a flat head, or if u dont want to lock it in, you can have it spin to be randomized, then on the last wheel, the furthest to the right, it will spin and display the brand. Keep in mind this screw driver example is just an example of what i have in mind, but for a better reference what i am trying to create is an urbanspoon slot machine for the internet. Keep in mind my idea has nothing to do with urban spoon, i just need their slot machine.

Can anyone help?