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Thread: Please help me with a javascript algorythm

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    Please help me with a javascript algorythm

    Hi everybody, greetings from Barcelona. I hope you can help me with this problem I got.

    I found a css template I am trying to use for a school project. I found it in csstemplatesmarket.com, specifically:


    It has an image slider I would like to slow down a little bit (it actually takes about 4 seconds), but the algorythm is SO complex for me that i dont know where to find the duration of each image to modify the parameter.

    Can you help me?

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    A very quick scan of the source of the demo page yields this:
    <script type="text/javascript">
    	$("#featured > ul").tabs({fx:{opacity: "toggle"}}).tabs("rotate", 5000, true);
    5000 might be the duration in milliseconds of each slide. Change to 6000, or 8000, or whatever and see what happens.

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