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Thread: I want to learn Web Development

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    Question I want to learn Web Development


    I am just new here in this forum and I found this forum by typing "I want to learn web development

    Eversince, I am a tech enthusiadt, I love to explore different things and I can easily pickup something and understand as well. Although I did not have my college degree for some reason, still I continously learning and improving myself much better.

    At first, I wished to become a music producer, due to the fact that I have a good listening ability and good understanding of music theory, but then realized thay its just an hobby for me and switched into different careers ad well.

    At the age of 23 ( I hope its not too late ) I realized that I want to stick with the world of technology and I want to become a web developer and to make it as my career.

    I have a basic understanding of HTML and CSS and learning the depths of it. Now, considering thay I know these 2 languages, I really dont know where to start and what to learn next.

    Basically I like become a web developet in a particular department but I am nit sire if those are exist in Web development.

    What is the good pathway for this exciting adventure of my life?
    I am really open with your help and advice

    Looking forward to your kind response.

    Best wishes,

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    I would start learning an actual programming language, which is not the same thing as learning HTML (a mark-up language). Your most likely first languages would be JavaScript (for client-side programming) or PHP (for server-side programming).
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    you can learn by web development following site
    first of all decide the scripting language which you want to work for.
    i suggest you select php because php is open source you can learn so much in this.
    w3school is best for beginner after you learn from there you will find another for intermediate level site and ebook,
    i think you are satisfied from this answer.

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