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    insert text

    I am trying to insert text using a script and having trouble:
    var ga[];
    ga[0] = "Joe";
    function dataarrayinsert(){
    return ga[0];

    <mark>Name: </mark>
    function dataarrayinsert()

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    I should say so.

    For one, you don't declare an array like you have or use a function like that and how are you to insert something in to a tag if you have no way of hooking the HTML element.

    To declare an array...
    var ga = new Array();
    To declare an array with elements already set
    var ga = new Array("Joe");
    The short cut method of creating an array
    var ga = [];
    The short cut way of making an array with elements
    var ga = ["Joe"];
    Declare a function
    function someFunction(){
    do stuff
    someFunction = function(){
    // do stuff
    Call the function
    Any JavaScript has to be wrapped in html <script></script> tags.

    To add something to the <mark> tag, you would need to give it an id, then hook that id, then manipulate it, eg.

    HTML Code:
    var ga = ["Joe"];
    function someFunction(t,data){
        o.innerHTML = o.innerHTML + " "+data;
    <mark id="targetID">Name: </mark>
    I hope that this has been of some benefit to you.
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