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Thread: Need feedback on our CMS - getsimplesite.com and any extra features request

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    Need feedback on our CMS - getsimplesite.com and any extra features request


    We (cosmicvent.com[) have recently launched a new CMS system GETSIMPLESITE - www.getsimplesite.com.
    It overcomes many of the limitations of traditional systems like "Javascript templating, CDN Integration, Model inclusion" and many more.

    We are looking for feedback and also if there is any feature which as a developer you think is a must, then please let us know. We will include it.

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    I would suggest that, in general, people intending to write code-generators and the like should first learn how to structure an html page correctly before building their systems. From a cursory glance at the example code given on the home page I note:

    1. Redundant code - An <h4> tag being the sole contends of a <div>. (The div is redundant).

    2. Semantic errors:
    - An <h4> tag under an <h2> tag, with no <h3> tag.
    - An <h1> tag which appears to have closed divs above it, i.e. it is not at the start of the HTML page (as it would be read by a page-to-speech utility, or a search engine bot). This suggests possible accessibility and SEO issues.

    Also, what does using JavaScript on the server achieve that cannot already be done in PHP? I.e. Why should anyone pay you for a product which appears to duplicate existing functionality that is freely available and almost universally supported??? Why should we want yet another server-side language???

    To me it seems, albeit at a cursory glance, like an example of coders learning and using JavaScript before they have a firm grasp of HTML, CSS and PHP.
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