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Thread: Create dymamic Sitemap/Family tree using javascript

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    Create dymamic Sitemap/Family tree using javascript

    I have one requirement where I have stored data in db level wise. For Example Level-1(root level) has two levels( Level-2 and Level-3). Again level-2 has 3 more levels under it, and Level-3 has 4 more Levels under it.. likewise.
    Now I want to fetch this data and pass into javascript and get a family-tree/sitemap kind of structure( data visualization). Whenever the structure changes(may one more level is introduced or one level is deleted) the output tree/sitemap structure should be changed accordingly. The dependencies between the levels are already predefined.

    [Looking for a tool/library(JS/HTML5) which can be integrated with a Java (JSP based) application to achieve this. The tool should have the ability to read the data (with the hierarchical relationship) from the database and generate the UI]

    Please let me know if anyone has come across this kind of requirement or any lead to this kind of requirement.

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    I'm pretty sure that one of Google's data visualisation tools includes Org-charts. If not have a look at Rafael.

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