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Thread: Challenge for me..!!

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    Cool Challenge for me..!!

    Hello all, I have been learned HTML and CSS an now learning jquery after JavaScript my seniors has given us a challenge to make extension like in the link without worrying about backend but it should proper work as front end you can see demo there.
    Please help me out I can do anything to make it and i can also learn another language to do this. It's a long assignment you can say

    Link=--->>>*** link removed by moderator, so it does not look like you are spamming us ***

    I can buy it but I wanted to make it on my own and wanted to do this honestly.
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    If you want to learn how the web page's front end you linked works, use <ctrl>U or <ctrl>S and study the code. If you then have specific queries as to how it works, by all means post a question. Thanks.
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