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Thread: Layers or tables? - dreamweaver

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    Layers or tables? - dreamweaver

    How can I get layers to stay in place?

    When I add a text field within a layer to a graphic in Dreamweaver it appears to be fine. When I view it in the Browser it is repositioned.

    I have a large background image, in which i only have a small space to work within! are layers the best solution for me?

    I have assembled the site in Dreamweaver MX and have created my design within tables. The tables I have created have a background image inserted in the background, but my only problem is, I only have a small space to work in. I have played around with various settings in MX to try and rectify the problem, but every time I add text to the main table document, it duplicates the image to make space for the text and stretches the main image. I am going to be using the site to run an ASP database from so I need plenty of space within the page to display my records.

    Please drop me an email if you can help as i have a nunber of screen captures with the problems i am facing

    Any suggestions would be great, as I am fairly new to Web Design

    Tom Upton

    example link - www.tomupton.co.uk/links.asp

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    sure i can maybe help you

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