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Thread: get only first coulmn to concat with each second column rows from csv file using php

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    Question get only first coulmn to concat with each second column rows from csv file using php


    I have the below code to fetch csv file data:

    PHP Code:
    if ($_FILES["file"]["error"] > 0)
    "Error: " $_FILES["file"]["error"] . "<br>";

    "No files...!!!!!";

    "<script>alert('No files...!!!!!');window.location.href='upload_file.php';</script>";
    $csv_file $a

    if ((
    $getfile fopen($csv_file"r")) !== FALSE) {
    $data fgetcsv($getfile1000",");
      while ((
    $data fgetcsv($getfile1000",")) !== FALSE) {
    //$num = count($data);
      //echo $num;
           //for ($c=0; $c < $num; $c++) {
    $result $data;
    $str implode(","$result);
    $slice explode(","$str);
    $col1 $slice[0];
    $col2 $slice[1];
    $col3 $slice[2];




    Now, thw above code prints all the dat from csv files but I want to print "all first coulmn rows to concat with each second column rows " .

    I know it is possible but I am stuck to use the logic "foreach" in the code above. can someone please help me out here ?

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    When a file is uploaded to the temporary area in the server, your script should move the file to a location that is accessible from your web root.

    Move the file after checking it was uploaded

    select the most appropriate read method for the file

    file_get_contents function.file-get-contents.php
    readfile /function.readfile.php
    CSV /function.fgetcsv.php
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